Best Spearfishing Wetsuits

It is often said that the best spearfishing wetsuits are those that provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement. But, does this theory hold true? Let’s explore this notion further as we dive into the world of the best spearfishing wetsuits available on the market today.

For millennia, man has sought to unlock nature’s mysteries beneath the sea, be it in search of sustenance, treasure or adventure. Spearfishing provides an opportunity to do just that – with a little help from modern technology. And one thing every successful spearfisher needs is a quality wetsuit designed for their specific activity.

best spearfishing wetsuit vs freediving wetsuits depends heavily on open cell neoprene

Today’s spearfishers need more than just warmth and protection; they require a suit that gives them unrestricted mobility and allows them to move freely underwater like a fish. In order to find out which suits on offer fulfil these requirements, let us take a closer look at what makes up the ‘best’ spearfishing wetsuits on the market today.

Best Color Wetsuit For Spearfishing

Spearfishing is an increasingly popular sport in the United States, with more than 19 million people participating in 2020. And with that comes a need to have the right gear for any successful fishing trip! When it comes to wetsuits, there are several key features you should consider when making your purchase. Freedom of movement and comfort play a huge role in how successful you’ll be on the water.

The Mitsubishi Electric Cressi Sub Blue Hunter Wetsuit is one of the most widely used suits for spearfishing across America. With its advanced design, this suit offers maximum flexibility and buoyancy control through its open cell construction and hybrid neoprene material. The Freediving Spearpro Open Cell Spearfishing Wetsuit also provides superior freedom of movement while providing insulation from cold waters. Plus, the Salvimar N Float Tube gives added flotation support during long dives or fast swimming sessions.

a thicker wetsuit versus a open cell wetsuit can be a key piece of your spearfishing gear

No matter which wetsuit you choose, make sure it fits properly and allows you to move freely underwater so that you can focus on landing those prized catches instead of worrying about being uncomfortable. Look for materials such as neoprene that provide warmth, durability, and flexibility – these will all help ensure that you have a great time out on the water! With careful consideration of your needs at hand, choosing the best camo spearfishing wetsuit will be easier than ever before!

Best Camo Spearfishing Wetsuit

Ah, the great outdoors – with its undulating landscapes and crystal blue waters. But for those of us who prefer to explore what lies beneath the waves, a camo spearfishing wetsuit is essential – Murad Osmann would agree! So if you’re looking for freedom in an aquatic environment, here are some features to look out for when purchasing your next diving suit:

•             Free Range of Motion: Remember that feeling of being able to stretch out your arms while swimming? You can recreate this sensation while scuba diving by selecting a wetsuit that allows unrestricted movement. Subsea technology has come a long way, so be sure to choose one which offers maximum flexibility.

•             Thermal Insulation: Temperatures under the sea can vary greatly depending on depth, location and time of day. Investing in a good quality thermal insulation will ensure you remain comfortable throughout the entire dive session. Look for material such as neoprene or titanium-infused nylon fabric that provides superior heat retention.

picture of scuba diving wetsuits that are comparable to smooth skin wetsuits in quality

•             Hook and Loop Fastener: No matter how much money you spend on a scuba diving suit, it won’t do its job without a secure closure system. A hook and loop fastener should provide ample protection against water seepage whilst maintaining an adjustable fit. Additionally, make sure there’s plenty of room around the neckline so you don’t feel restricted during your subaquatic experience!

When searching for the best camo spearfishing wetsuit on the market today, consider all these factors before making a purchase decision to get maximum value from your investment…

Best Budget Spearfishing Wetsuit

Are you looking for the best budget spearfishing wetsuit? It’s all about finding the right trade off between cost and performance, and that rule of thumb can be hard to follow in a market town full of choices. So let us break down this table of contents so you know what options are available when searching for your ideal budget spearfishing wetsuit.

The underwater environment is as unpredictable as it is beautiful. No matter how many times we dive into a body of water, there will always be something new waiting around each corner. To make sure you’re ready for whatever might come your way, it’s important to find a reliable yet affordable wetsuit that won’t leave you out of pocket or unprepared. Natural rubber has become an increasingly popular material used in making these suits due to its flexibility and insulation properties; not only do they provide great protection against abrasions from coral reefs but they also keep you feeling comfortable even when swimming alongside shortfin mako sharks!

when spearing for fish, surfing wetsuits with a neoprene lined neck seal as part of a closed cell wetsuit can be essential

When it comes to getting the most value out of your money, features such as double seams and glued blind-stitching can make a huge difference in terms of durability and comfort – two key attributes which should never be overlooked if you want to take advantage of every opportunity on offer during your time under the sea. Taking these factors into consideration allows divers to navigate through uncharted waters without having to worry about their suit splitting at the worst possible moment.

Finding an effective balance between price point and quality does require some research, however with so many different brands producing budget spearing wetuits nowadays there really is no excuse for skimping on safety equipment – especially when it could mean encountering hazards like strong currents or hazardous ocean life. With patience and knowledge, anyone can ensure they have the perfect setup before setting out on their next adventure beneath the waves!

Best Beginner Spearfishing Wetsuit

Dive into the depths of the ocean, just like Ariel in ‘The Little Mermaid’, and explore with a beginner spearfishing wetsuit. These suits are designed to provide an all rounder experience for every type of fishing enthusiast. With human factors and ergonomics taken into consideration alongside environmental protection, these suits will help you win your game out at sea.

Just as Jackson Pollock created stunning artworks inspired by nature’s environment, so too can you do something amazing when it comes to spearfishing while wearing one of these wetsuits. Whether exploring shallow or deep waters, they offer comfort and flexibility that make them suitable for both newbies and experienced divers alike.

beuchat mundial camo wetsuit with chest and knee pads can be the preferred double lined wetsuits for scuba divers

Jacques Cousteau once said that “the sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever” – why not use this opportunity to cast your own spell over the water supply network? With a beginner spearfishing wetsuit on hand to protect you from various elements within the natural environment, let yourself get lost in the beauty beneath the surface – no matter if you’re starting out or have been doing this for years!

Best 7mm Spearfishing Wetsuit

It’s time to get geared up for the big dive! If you’re looking for the best 7mm spearfishing wetsuit, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll take a deep dive into the features of these suits, and by the end of this article, you’ll be ready to hit the water like a fish out of water!

To start off with, let’s look at what makes a good 7mm spearfishing wetsuit. Firstly, it should offer ample protection from both cold temperatures and cuts; secondly, it should provide maximum flexibility so that you can move freely underwater; finally, it needs to have an adjustable fit so that it is comfortable when worn over long periods of time. All three are essential ingredients in Greek language: ἰσορροπία (balance), ευελιξία (flexibility) and αντοχή (endurance).

These qualities mean that your suit will last much longer than those made from inferior materials. Additionally, investing in a quality 7mm spearfishinng wetsuit allows divers to stay submerged for extended periods without feeling any discomfort or having their movements restricted. With such freedom comes great responsibility – but trust us when we say that if done properly, wearing one of these suits will transform your diving experience completely.

So go forth confidently and make sure you invest in a reliable 7mm spearfishing wetsuit – because they don’t come around all too often! Now let’s jump ahead and take a look at our next topic: ‘best 5mm spearfishing wetsuits’.

Best 5mm Spearfishing Wetsuit

Diving into the deep blue sea with a wetsuit that truly fits your needs is like finding a pearl in an oyster. To help you find that perfect fit, here are 3 things to consider when looking for the best 5mm spearfishing wetsuit: 1) Comfort – choose a suit that allows you maximum mobility and flexibility 2) Durability – pick one made of robust material so it can withstand demanding conditions underwater 3) Insulation – make sure it keeps you warm without compromising breathability From comfort to insulation, if you’re considering buying a 5mm spearfishing wetsuit, then these three factors should be taken into account. It’s important to remember that not all suits are created equal; some may offer better features than others. Therefore, take time to research and compare different models before making your purchase decision. With this information at hand, you will have no trouble finding the right wetsuit for your next diving adventure! Now let us explore another type of wetsuit specifically designed for spearfishing – the Spearpro open cell spearfishing wetsuits…

Spearpro Open Cell Spearfishing Wetsuit

The Spearpro Open Cell spearfishing wetsuit is a game-changer for any avid underwater hunter. It’s like being given the keys to open up an entirely new way of exploration and discovery in the depths of the sea – you’d be hard pressed to find something as freeing! Here are three reasons why this top-of-the-line gear should be your go-to:

1) Comfort: The ultraflex neoprene construction provides superb comfort and flexibility, giving you maximum mobility so that you can focus on what you’re doing rather than worrying about restrictions or discomfort.

2) Durability: Constructed with heavy duty flatlock seams, this wetsuit is designed to withstand the harshest elements while still keeping its shape over time. You’ll get more bang for your buck out of this investment since it stands up against wear and tear much better than other suits do.

3) Performance: With strategically placed fabrics, reinforced panels, and integrated protection zones throughout the suit design, you won’t need to worry about sacrificing performance when wearing it either. Every inch has been carefully constructed to give you optimum results whether hunting in shallow waters or deep ones.

There’s no doubt that the Spearpro Open Cell spearfishing wetsuit deserves all five stars from even the most demanding divers – if ever there were a perfect choice for those looking for ultimate freedom under water then this is surely it!

Cressi Blue Hunter Wetsuit

Diving into the deep waters of spearfishing is like a journey across an uncharted sea. When you have the right wetsuit to accompany you, you will be able to explore that vast expanse with ease and comfort. The Cressi Blue Hunter Wetsuit offers just such a voyage.

As your trusty companion on this adventure, the Cressi Blue Hunter Wetsuit provides: • Durable protection from cold water temperatures • Soft fabric for increased mobility and maximum flexibility • A light design that won’t weigh you down in the water

The combination of these features makes it ideal for any spearfisherman looking to spend long days out at sea. Plus, its bright blue color ensures that no matter how far or wide you travel, you’ll always stand out from the crowd and look stylish as well! No longer do you need to worry about being weighed down by heavy equipment; instead, enjoy what nature has offered without sacrificing your freedom.

Armed with the reliable Cressi Blue Hunter Wetsuit, your next expedition awaits – so why not take the plunge?

Salvimar N.A.T. Wetsuit

The Salvimar N.A.T Wetsuit is the perfect companion for a spearfisher looking to expand their boundaries and explore new depths. Like an eagle soaring through the skies, this wetsuit allows you to soar through the waters with ease and comfort. As if it was tailor-made for you, its body-fit design offers superior mobility that will make your dives effortless and enjoyable.

Its smooth neoprene construction provides excellent buoyancy control which allows divers to move around freely underwater without much effort. Additionally, its reinforced kneepads provide extra protection against tough surfaces on long dives and help prevent chafing or discomfort during extended sessions in the water. Combined with adjustable straps at key points of contact, this wetsuit ensures every dive is comfortable from start to finish.

Designed for maximum performance, the Salvimar N.A.T Wetsuit has all the features needed by any ambitious diver who wants to take their game up another level – so they can truly own the deep blue sea! With durability, flexibility and warmth all rolled into one package, it’s no wonder why this wetsuit is becoming increasingly popular amongst professional spearfishers worldwide. Gliding seamlessly through the waves like never before – now you too can experience freedom like few ever do!

Seac Men’s Body-Fit Wetsuit

The Seac Men’s Body-Fit Wetsuit is a spearfisherman’s dream, gliding through the depths like an eagle soaring across the sky. Crafted with superior flexibility and comfort in mind, this wetsuit facilitates movement—allowing any diver to reach their peak performance while enjoying every moment underwater.

Featuring 4mm neoprene panels on chest and back for maximum thermal protection and 5mm Neoprene everywhere else, you can trust that your body will be safe from hypothermia during those extended dives. Plus, it also has extra stretch fabric around the elbows, knees and ankles so you don’t have to worry about soreness or fatigue after all of your activities!

The Seac Men’s Body-Fit Wetsuit was designed with freedom in mind; its lightweight construction allows divers unrestricted agility when exploring the ocean floor. Whether you’re looking for a suit to keep you warm on long dives or one which offers unparalleled mobility, this is definitely the choice for you. So slip into something special – let the Seac Men’s Body-Fit Wetsuit help make your next diving experience unforgettable! Onto Dyung Tec wetsuits…

Dyung Tec Wetsuit

Are you looking for the perfect wetsuit to take your spearfishing to a new level? Look no further than the Dyung Tec Wetsuit! With this stylish and functional gear, you can take on any underwater adventure with ease.

This top-notch wetsuit is designed for maximum comfort and performance, so there’s no need to sacrifice style when it comes to being safe in the water. The neoprene material provides extra warmth while also allowing flexibility and freedom of movement – two factors that are essential for successful spearfishing. Plus, its sleek design won’t get in the way of casting or retrieving your catch.

The Dyung Tec Wetsuit has all the features you need to stay comfortable and protected during those long days out at sea. Whether you’re new to fishing or an experienced veteran, this piece of equipment will help keep you cool and dry throughout your excursion. All in all, it’s an excellent choice if you want to add some flair without compromising on protection.

For added camouflage while hunting fish, try Riffe Digi-Tek Camo Wetsuit…

Riffe Digi-Tek Camo Wetsuit

Looking for the perfect wetsuit to take your spearfishing game up a notch? The Riffe Digi-Tec Camo Wetsuit is an excellent choice. Combining comfort and durability, this wetsuit will keep you warm and protect you from potential scrapes or cuts in harsher waters.

This high quality neoprene suit offers superior insulation thanks to its 6mm thickness. This means that it’ll stand up against cold temperatures without compromising on flexibility. What’s more, the camo pattern helps it blend into your environment so you can stay hidden while hunting prey underwater. Plus, with adjustable straps and Velcro closures, this wetsuit ensures that all parts fit perfectly – no matter what shape or size of body you have!

The Riffe Digi-Tek Camo Wetsuit has everything you need to step up your spearing game: warmth, protection, mobility and stealth. With its top features and exceptional value for money, this is definitely worth considering when looking for a great spearfishing wetsuit. Now let’s move onto the Mako Spearguns Reversible Yamamoto Wetsuit…

Mako Spearguns Reversible Yamamoto Wetsuit

Dive deep into the world of spearfishing with a wetsuit that is made to withstand any depths. The Mako Spearguns Reversible Yamamoto Wetsuit comes packed with all the features you need for your next adventure. Like a second skin, this comfortable and lightweight wetsuit will keep you safe and warm in even the harshest waters.

This innovative design allows flexibility and freedom of movement while still providing full coverage from head to toe. Its two-tone camo pattern features an inner layer of black neoprene coupled with an outer layer of grey camouflage print that blends perfectly into its surroundings. Its unique reversible feature means you can switch up your look when needed – perfect for those who want to stay concealed or stand out on their next dive!

The Mako Spearguns Reversible Yamamoto Wetsuit also has adjustable straps at the wrists, ankles and neck so you can get just the right fit every time. It’s designed with superior quality materials including durable 7mm neoprene fabric that offers great insulation against cold water temperatures. Plus, it boasts flatlock seams for extra comfort as well as reinforced knees and elbows for added protection when diving in rocky areas.

With unparalleled performance and style, it’s easy to see why this wetsuit is one of the best gear choices available for serious spearfishers looking to take their game to new heights.


The old adage “go big or go home” is especially relevant when it comes to selecting a spearfishing wetsuit. A good wetsuit should provide the right level of warmth, protection and comfortability while enduring long-term use underwater. Thickness therefore plays an important role in making sure you have the best possible experience while out on your adventure.

When choosing a spearfishing wetsuit, think about how much time you plan to spend underwater. The thicker the suit, the more insulation it provides against cold temperatures and water pressure – allowing for longer dives without having to worry about getting chilled or uncomfortable. With that said, if you don’t need as much insulation due to warm waters, then you may want to select something thinner which allows for greater mobility but still offers adequate protection from stings and abrasions caused by rocks and sea life.

Whichever type of wetsuit you decide on, make sure that it fits snugly around your body so that it doesn’t become loose during movement underwater. It’s also worth considering certain additional features such as pockets for carrying items like dive weights and knives, adjustable straps for added security and durability materials like neoprene which offer improved flexibility and extra strength against wear-and-tear over time. All these factors are key elements in ensuring a safe and enjoyable spearfishing trip!

As we’ve seen, thickness can make all the difference when finding the perfect fit for your next speargunning excursion; now let’s explore another aspect – color/camouflage…


It’s easy to think of a wetsuit as something that is solely functional, but they can also be stylish. While thickness and warmth are important considerations when choosing the right wetsuit for spearfishing, color or camouflage should not be overlooked either. Here are 4 key points you need to consider when selecting the perfect suit:

1) Visibility: Darker colors like navy blue make it easier for fish to spot you from a distance, whereas lighter colors blend in more with your surroundings.

2) Movement: Choose a camouflaged pattern so you move seamlessly through the water without alerting animals around you.

3) Comfort: The last thing you want is a tight-fitting wet suit that restricts your movements while fishing! Make sure the fit is just right – not too snug nor too loose.

4) Durability: Look for suits made out of durable neoprene material to ensure your gear lasts throughout each dive season.

Speaking of style, have you ever considered customizing your own design? With special printing technology now available on certain models of wetsuits, it’s possible to get creative and create an eye-catching look that stands out among other divers’ boring black ones. If this idea appeals to you, why not go all out and express yourself with vivid graphics and unique patterns?

On top of looking great underwater, these designs will allow you to show off your personality even after getting out of the ocean – no one else will be wearing what you do! Furthermore, having such a distinctive choice may help boost confidence levels before diving into unknown waters full of aquatic life forms. So don’t forget about color/camouflage when shopping for spearfishing wetsuits; it might prove invaluable in helping make those deep sea adventures amazing experiences filled with unforgettable memories!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Spearfishing Wetsuit And A Regular Wetsuit?

When it comes to exploring the great outdoors, wetsuits are a must-have for any adventure. But when you’re planning on donning your fins and spearfishing in chilly waters, what should you look for in a wetsuit? The differences between a regular wetsuit and one designed specifically for spearfishing can be as vast as the ocean itself.

Picture yourself descending into deep waters like an aquatic explorer of old – do you have the right gear to protect you from its mysteries? A good spearfishing wetsuit will feature thicker neoprene than those used for everyday activities, allowing more warmth and protection during longer dives. It also usually has improved flexibility around key joints like elbows and knees, giving greater range of motion while hunting down that elusive catch. And if camouflage is important to you, there are even special patterns designed to blend with underwater environments.

So why not take the plunge this summer and try out something new? With the right equipment at hand, freedom within reach and nature’s bounty awaiting discovery – nothing stops you from tasting pure adventure! Whether it’s swimming with dolphins or taking part in competitions – make sure every dive counts by equipping yourself with the best suited gear possible.

How Do I Know Which Size Wetsuit I Need?

Finding the right size of spearfishing wetsuit is essential for comfort and performance when out in the water. But how do you know which size wetsuit is best for you? It’s important to get this decision right, so here are some tips to help you find your perfect fit.

First off, it’s worth taking exact measurements of yourself as well as checking any sizing charts provided by the manufacturer. You’ll want to measure around your chest and waistline; not forgetting to include any buoyancy aids or accessories that you will be wearing while using the suit. Additionally, consider your height – a longer body shape may require a larger sized wetsuit than someone with a shorter frame but similar measurements.

It can also help to try on different models before purchasing, if possible. This allows you to check whether the suit fits snugly all over without restricting movement, or being too loose-fitting. When trying on a new wetsuit, ensure that there isn’t any pulling at certain points across the back and arms when stretching them outwards; instead, look for an evenly distributed pressure throughout the entire garment.

Ultimately, making sure you have enough freedom of movement and flexibility within your wetsuit is key to having an enjoyable experience underwater. With these simple steps taken into consideration ahead of purchase, you should soon have the ideal spearfishing wetsuit tailored exactly for your needs!

What Type Of Material Is Used To Make Spearfishing Wetsuits?

Spearfishing wetsuits are a crucial piece of gear for underwater hunters. But what type of material is used to make them? It’s almost unbelievable how strong and durable these suits can be!

Traditional spearfishing wetsuits are made from neoprene, which is an incredibly flexible yet resilient rubber-like material. This allows the suit to stretch over your body comfortably while also providing maximum insulation against cold water temperatures. Additionally, some spearfishing wetsuits feature layers of nylon fabric on their exterior that provide extra strength and durability.

Neoprene is an ideal choice for making spearfishing wetsuits because it’s lightweight, buoyant, and resistant to tears or punctures. The synthetic fibers in neoprene also resist abrasions better than natural fabrics like cotton do – meaning you won’t have to worry about damaging your suit every time you take it out into the depths of the ocean! In short, if you’re looking for a reliable and long-lasting suit for your next fishing adventure, look no further than one made with neoprene.

No matter where your journey takes you beneath the waves, rest assured knowing that investing in a quality spearfishing wetsuit will help keep you safe and comfortable throughout all of your aquatic adventures!

What Is The Lifespan Of A Spearfishing Wetsuit?

An allegory can be used to explain the lifespan of a spearfishing wetsuit. Imagine a tree that stands tall and proud in the middle of the forest – it represents your wetsuit, standing strong and protective against the elements. It is built from hardy materials that provide protection for years, but like any living thing, its time will come eventually.

So what is the life expectancy of a spearfishing wetsuit? Here are four key factors: 1) Quality of material – A high quality suit made with premium neoprene will last much longer than cheaper alternatives. 2) Frequency of use – The more you wear your suit, the shorter its lifespan will be. 3) Proper maintenance – Taking care of your suit by rinsing it off after each use and hanging it up to dry properly help keep it in good condition over time. 4) Storage conditions – Storing your suit under ideal conditions (away from UV light and extreme temperatures) helps extend its life significantly.

In summary, how long your spearfishing wetsuit lasts depends on several different factors including material quality, frequency of use, proper maintenance and storage conditions. When taken care of correctly , a good-quality wetsuit should give you years of reliable protection during your dives – so make sure to look after it!

Are There Any Special Features To Look For When Purchasing A Spearfishing Wetsuit?

Are you in the market for a spearfishing wetsuit? You are likely looking to purchase one that meets your specific needs. There is definitely no shortage of options when it comes to wetsuits, so let’s take an in-depth look at what features you should consider before buying.

First, make sure the material used will be durable and hold up against wear over time – this can usually be found on the product description page or by asking customer service directly. Second, check if there are any special design features designed with comfortability and flexibility in mind; some wetsuits come with extra padding around elbows and knees, as well as adjustable straps for better fitment. Finally, get something made from neoprene rubber which provides excellent insulation from cold water temperatures while still allowing great movement range during dives.

When it comes down to choosing a spearfishing wetsuit, here’s 3 things to keep in mind: 1) Durable materials 2) Comfortability & flexibility 3) Neoprene rubber material These three tips should give you enough information to find a suit that fits your individual requirements – and help provide peace of mind knowing that you have invested in quality gear that won’t leave you stranded after only a few dives. Investing in the right equipment can be both rewarding and liberating experience!


As a spearfisherman, having the right wetsuit is essential. It not only keeps you comfortable while out in the water, but it also protects you from any potential dangers that lurk beneath the surface. The perfect wetsuit should fit like a glove, be made of high-quality materials and feature special features to suit your needs. With these factors in mind, we can confidently say that a quality spearfishing wetsuit will provide me with years of reliable service and superior protection against underwater hazards.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing between all the different styles and brands on offer – however I suggest taking the time to research and find one tailored specifically for my body type and activity level. That way, I know I’m getting something designed just for me that won’t let me down during those long days spent searching for prize catches! Additionally, investing in a good care routine such as hand washing after each use or storing it properly will extend its life even further.

Ultimately, selecting the best spearfishing wetusit takes some careful consideration – but my hard work at finding the ideal choice will pay off in spades when I’m able to enjoy countless hours of underwater adventures without worry or discomfort. With this knowledge under my belt, I can feel confident that no matter what lies ahead there’ll always be an appropriate piece of gear waiting just below the waves!

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