High Falls Bracebridge Waterfalls and High Falls Bracebridge Hiking Trails: Exploring Gorgeous Bracebridge

Hike the Trans-Canada Trail by the beautiful waterfalls in Bracebridge and enjoy the great outdoors! This path, originally known as The Great Trail, passes through the picturesque community of Bracebridge and provides access to no less than five breathtaking waterfalls, all within easy day-hiking distance of one another.

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High Falls Park – Visit High Falls and Be Amazed

The famous High Falls, together with the smaller but equally beautiful Little High Falls and the even more remote Potts Falls, are all within easy reach from the park’s starting point. To get the greatest perspective of High Falls, hike down from the parking lot to the rocks next to the cascade. Continuing along the Trans Canada Trail, you will quickly come upon both Little High Falls and Potts Falls. The waterfall under the footbridge is called Potts Falls, while the lesser cascade close to High Falls is called Little High Falls.

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The next step is to take Wilson’s Falls Road into the heart of Bracebridge. Parking for the Wilson’s Falls Trail segment of the Trans Canada Trail is available at the end of the road. Wilson’s Falls can be reached by following this level trail through the woods and across a metal bridge. The greatest way to see this stunning waterfall is from the river, but beware of the jagged rocks! Due to the inherent dangers involved, you should only undertake this if you are confident in your abilities. Staying on the top of the rocks, where it’s safer, will still provide you a stunning panorama to enjoy.

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To round out your hike, stop by Bracebridge Bay Park and take in the sights of Bracebridge Falls. You can reach this waterfall in a few minutes from the parking area, and it’s a great place to relax at the conclusion of a day spent exploring other waterfalls.

Experience the breathtaking scenery of Bracebridge and its waterfalls up close and personal along the Trans Canada Trail. If you want to hike the whole Trans Canada Trail, you should use the website’s interactive map. Have fun going somewhere!

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Going straight to High Falls is the first order of business. Located just north of downtown Bracebridge, this park’s centrepiece is High Falls. If you want to see the waterfalls from the finest vantage point, don’t just go across the bridge; instead, park in the lot and walk down to the rocks near the falls. Additional waterfalls include Little High Falls and Potts Falls, all of which can be found downstream of High Falls. You should know that Google Maps places Potts Falls below the pedestrian bridge and Little High Falls next to its bigger brother Big High Falls.

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We’ll be visiting Mary Jane Falls in the following section. A shorter but lovely waterfall can be found by taking the Trans Canada Trail south from the city. The path leading up to it is somewhat steep, so make sure you’re in good shape before you set off.

Wilson’s Falls is the largest waterfall in the area, and can be reached by continuing on the Trans Canada Trail for a longer journey. This route crosses waterways and passes through woodlands, providing excellent opportunity for sightseeing. Take pictures from the overlook of Wilson’s Falls to remember the breathtaking scene.

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If you’re looking for a way to see some of the most stunning waterfalls in the region, the Trans Canada Trail is the way to go. Prepare for a day spent in the great outdoors by putting on your hiking boots.

You’ll begin your visit to waterfalls at High Falls. This is the park’s main draw and it’s not far from downtown, just to the north. Instead of crossing the bridge, park in the lot and make the short trek to the rocks by the falls for the greatest vantage point. While you’re in the area, stop at Little High Falls and Potts Falls, two waterfalls farther downstream. Keep in mind that Google Maps incorrectly labels Potts Falls as being beneath the pedestrian bridge and Little High Falls as being close to Big High Falls.

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Next, continue down the Trans-Canada Trail to Mary Jane Falls in the south. An ideal place to rest and take in the natural scenery, this lesser waterfall is worth the detour. A bit of a slog uphill awaits you on the trail leading there.

Wilson’s Falls is the largest waterfall in the area, and may be reached by continuing on the Trans Canada Trail. This path crosses waterways and winds through forests, making it ideal for observing native flora and species. Upon reaching Wilson’s Falls, take advantage of the opportunity to photograph the breathtaking scenery from the observation deck. You’ll have to make your way across some jagged river rocks to gain the best vantage point. Do not do this unless you are confident in your abilities. If not, enjoy the view from atop the rocks.

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Muskoka River

You want to add a trip to a beautiful Muskoka waterfall to your itinerary. Bracebridge Falls is in the middle of historic downtown Bracebridge, so there’s no need to go anywhere else. The mighty Muskoka River flows into the wider Bracebridge Bay, creating this breathtaking panorama.

You should stop at the quaint town of Bracebridge before leaving. Stop for an iced coffee along the route, and feel free to park anywhere you choose. A number of historical plaques are also installed for those interested in the region’s background. The falls in Bracebridge were once used to power a hydroelectric facility. View this timeline detailing the development of hydroelectricity in Bracebridge for additional details.

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Go to the “P” on the map for convenient parking and access to the falls. More options for hiking and waterfall watching can be found further south along the Trans Canada Trail from Bracebridge Falls. The route passes through the quaint town of Bracebridge and joins together all of the beautiful waterfalls in the Muskoka region. Don’t pass up the chance to enjoy this spectacular scenery.

Do you wish to take in Bracebridge’s stunning scenery? The Trans-Canada Trail is home to numerous beautiful waterfalls and hiking routes. There are three spectacular waterfalls throughout this 26.91-kilometer stretch, including High Falls, Wilson’s Falls, and Bracebridge Falls.

Hiking all three waterfalls will require about 16 kilometres of walking (about 8 kilometres each trip). Alternatively, you can easily drive from one waterfall to the next if you’d rather have a shorter excursion. Begin your journey at High Falls, then continue on to Wilson’s Falls in the south and end it at Bracebridge Falls in the north.

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The trails are all short and easy to negotiate, and there is plenty of parking at each of the three access points. Wilson’s Falls Trail is less than a kilometre in length and must be taken to access the waterfall.

Following your visit to the waterfalls, spend some time in historic downtown Bracebridge. Stop into a cafe or restaurant for a bite, or peruse the stores along Main Street. A day spent trekking and watching waterfalls in Bracebridge will be one to remember if you keep these suggestions in mind.

In need of a comfortable bed after a day of exploring Bracebridge’s trails and waterfalls? See what makes these local hotels so special. There are a wide variety of lodging options available, from luxury hotels to cosy B&Bs. You can use the map to look about and decide what would work best for your journey.

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Make sure you have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable hike before you set out. You should bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and a good pair of hiking boots. Carrying a water bottle equipped with a purification system, such as the GRAYL Purifier, can guarantee that you always have access to potable water.

Depending on the season, there may be biting insects in the region, so make sure to pack bug spray. You should always take precautions against tick bites when hiking in Ontario, regardless of whether or not you actually encounter any ticks. Use this information to keep yourself safe from ticks when hiking. Keeping these suggestions in mind will ensure that your time in Bracebridge is both productive and enjoyable.

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