Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail

The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail (LHHT) is a stunning trail that winds through the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside, offering hikers an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or an intense workout, this 70-mile trek has something to offer everyone. With its breathtaking views and diverse terrain, it’s no wonder why LHHT has become one of the most popular trails around!

For those who want to explore what LHHT has to offer but don’t know where to start, consider hiking from Ohiopyle State Park in Fayette County all the way to Johnstown in Cambria County. This route offers some of the best scenery and challenging climbs along the entire trail. From lush forests and meandering streams to rocky outcroppings and vistas stretching over faraway mountains, there are plenty of sights to take in during your journey. Plus, with numerous campsites located along the path, it provides ample opportunity for overnight stays or extended hikes as well!

If you’re looking for a unique outdoor adventure that will leave lasting memories, look no further than LFHHT. So lace up your boots and get ready for an amazing journey – you won’t be disappointed!

Location Of Trail

Are you looking for a hiking trail that offers the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation? Look no further than the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail in Pennsylvania! Located in one of the most picturesque regions of our country, this unique trail provides hikers with spectacular views and plenty of opportunities to explore. Now, let’s take a closer look at where exactly this amazing hiking trail is located and how to access it.

The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail stretches across 70 miles through some of Pennsylvania’s best scenery. Starting from Ohiopyle State Park near Pittsburgh, the trail passes over 11 major summits throughout its course. The path itself follows ancient Native American trails as well as old roads used by wagoners during the 19th century. It also passes through several state parks, forests, and game lands. A detailed map can be found online or picked up at local visitor centers that provide information about all aspects of the trail.

Accessing the Laurel Highways Hiking Trail is easy too – there are numerous points along its length which offer parking facilities for those wishing to start their hike from there. Alternatively, visitors may choose to begin at any number of connecting trails adjacent to it such as Forbes State Forest Trails or Bear Run Nature Reserve Trails. With so many options available for both experienced hikers and inexperienced adventurers alike, it’s no wonder why people flock here year after year! To get an overview on what makes this special place so great, read on…

Overview Of The Trail

The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail is a 70-mile trail that runs through the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania. It offers an amazing hiking experience for hikers of all levels and takes about five to seven days to complete. Here’s a look at what you can expect from this incredible trail:

  1. Scenic Views – Along the way, you’ll be treated to some truly beautiful views, including rivers, forests, meadows, and more!
  2. Varied Terrain – You’ll find yourself traversing over rocks, roots, steep inclines and declines alike.
  3. Camping Areas – The trail features numerous camping areas along its length with plenty of room for tents or hammocks if you choose to sleep out under the stars instead.
  4. Wildlife Sightings – Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife like deer, foxes, groundhogs and other animals that call these mountains home!

No matter how much time you have available for your hike on the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail there are sure to be plenty of sights and experiences waiting for you along the way. Whether it’s taking in breathtaking views or encountering wildlife up close; no two hikes will ever be exactly alike! With its diverse terrain and scenic beauty, it’s easy to see why so many people flock here year after year. As we transition into discussing difficulty level next…

Difficulty Level

The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail is a moderate-level trail that offers something for everyone. The terrain can range from rolling hills to steep climbs, providing hikers with a challenge but not deterring those of less adventurous inclinations. As the highest elevation on the trail reaches just over 2,500 feet and many sections remain at lower elevations, novices need not be intimidated by this trek into Pennsylvania’s wilds. For more experienced hikers, however, there are plenty of challenging sections along the way.

Navigating through stream beds and rocky paths may prove difficult in some areas as well as scaling steeper ascents such as ridge lines and passes. Despite these occasional challenges in terrain, overall the hike remains consistently at an intermediate level. While thick forest provide shelter from most elements and offer respite after periods of strenuous physical activity, it should still be noted that certain portions make require careful navigation due to their difficulty level or nature.

A hiker taking on this journey will find plenty of opportunity for leisurely strolls between moderate rises in elevation and rewarding views across ridges – all while maintaining steady progress towards the end point without being overly taxed by treacherous conditions. With its variety of terrains offering different levels of difficulty yet remaining within reach even for inexperienced adventurers, the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail provides a unique experience suitable for any type of traveler willing to take up this journey. To further understand how far they must go and how long it’ll take them to complete it, let’s explore next what distance you can expect to cover when hiking this stunning landscape—and how much time you should allocate accordingly

Distance And Duration

The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail covers a distance of 70 miles through some of the most scenic terrain in Pennsylvania. It is divided into four sections that range from 8 to 22 miles long, meaning hikers can choose their own level of difficulty and duration. Depending on your pace and hiking experience, it could take anywhere from 5-7 days to hike the entire trail or simply one day if you just want to complete a section at a time.

No matter how much mileage you plan to cover, there are plenty of points along the way for rest stops and overnight camping opportunities. This makes the laurel highlands hiking trail perfect for novice and experienced hikers alike! Each mile offers something new with breathtaking views, abundant wildlife and rich history waiting around every bend.

Whether you decide to tackle the whole thing or not, planning ahead will help ensure an enjoyable trip. Knowing your route’s mileage, estimated hiking times and potential camping spots allows you to better prepare so that you can make the most of your adventure! With this information in mind, let’s move onto what items to bring on your hike.

What To Bring On Your Hike

Completing a hike on the Laurel Highlands Trail is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it requires proper preparation. To ensure you have everything you need for your journey, there are several essential items to bring along: a backpack, hiking boots, first-aid kit, sunscreen, and water bottle.

A quality backpack should be lightweight yet roomy enough to store all of the necessary supplies for your outing. The straps should fit snugly against the body and not impede movement during trekking. Hiking boots with good ankle support will provide stability while walking over varied terrain and help prevent slips or falls due to mud or wet leaves. A first aid kit with bandages and antiseptic wipes should be stored in case of minor injuries or cuts incurred during the hike. Sunscreen should also be applied before starting out as well as periodically throughout the day to protect from harmful UV rays. Finally, make sure to fill up a reusable water bottle before setting off so that dehydration can be avoided while exploring the trail’s natural wonders.

By preparing adequately prior to departing on your excursion through the Laurel Highlands, you can focus more fully on enjoying the scenery rather than worrying about what you might have forgotten at home. With these important provisions taken care of beforehand, next comes learning about wildlife on the trail…

Wildlife On The Trail

The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail offers a unique opportunity to experience the wildlife of Pennsylvania’s laurel region. Native species, such as white-tailed deer and black bears, call this area home and can be spotted along the trail. With careful observation, animal sightings are possible year-round!

|Animal | Sightings | |—|—| |White-tailed Deer | Year-Round | |Black Bears | Year-Round | |Wild Turkeys | Spring & Fall Migration Season | |American Bald Eagles | Spring & Winter Seasons |

Keeping an eye out for these animals is sure to enhance any hiker’s journey through the Laurel Highlands. Even if you don’t get lucky enough to spot one, it’s always enchanting to know that they’re there! It’s also important to remember their habitats and never disturb them or try to feed them in any way. Respectful wildlife viewing allows us all to share in the beauty of these creatures in their natural environment.

In addition to those native species found throughout the entire length of the hiking trail, other animals may only make appearances at certain times of year due to migratory patterns or seasonal preferences. Wild turkeys often travel from areas north of Pittsburgh during spring and fall migration seasons while American bald eagles can usually be seen soaring above in both winter and spring months.

It’s easy for hikers on the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail to appreciate nature by taking time observe its many diverse inhabitants with respect and admiration. As we continue our exploration of this beautiful terrain, let us not forget that our behavior directly affects the safety and wellbeing of these animals – so please stay aware and mindful! Moving forward into our next section about safety tips for hikers…

Safety Tips For Hikers

The beauty of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail can be breathtaking and awe-inspiring, but safety must always come first. After all, it’s no fun if you don’t make it back safe and sound. To ensure a safe journey for hikers, here are some essential safety tips to consider before heading out on the trail.

First and foremost: never hike alone! It may seem adventurous to go solo, but hiking with at least one companion is much safer in case any medical or other emergency arises along the way. Make sure that your companions also have knowledge about basic wilderness navigation techniques such as how to read maps and compasses. Furthermore, alert a third party of your plans so they know where you’ll be going and when approximately you expect to return home.

Also important is preparing yourself physically for the terrain ahead. Be aware of the difficulty level of each section of the trail by researching online reviews from fellow hikers beforehand. Depending on what type of hike you plan on taking, know your physical limits and bring plenty of water with you just in case. Additionally, stock up on energy snacks like nuts or protein bars to give yourself an extra boost during long stretches without convenient rest stops nearby.

Finally, remember common sense rules while hiking – stay on established trails whenever possible, wear appropriate clothing suitable for weather conditions (including layers!), pay attention to wildlife warning signs posted near certain areas, and avoid shortcuts which could lead into dangerous situations unknowingly. By following these crucial safety tips every time you tackle the challenges offered by Mother Nature at the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, nothing will stand between you and an enjoyable adventure! With this insight under your belt then comes another question – when is best time to go?

Best Time To Go

The best time to go on a hike along the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail depends upon your desired weather conditions and seasonal changes. This trail is open year-round, offering stunning views all year long. However, for optimal experience, it’s important to plan ahead and check the local weather forecast before you go. Here are four great tips to keep in mind when planning your trip: * Monitor the temperatures and precipitation levels during each season – spring can bring warmer days but also more rain; summer often has fewer showers but hotter temps; autumn usually brings cooler air while winter may offer snow or icy paths. * Be aware of changing plant life throughout different times of the year – some parts may be overgrown with vegetation while other sections could be barren due to colder climates. * Watch out for wildlife that inhabits certain areas at specific seasons – eagles soar through skies in April and May while deer might wander down trails in late fall. * Check out any special events taking place along the path – festivals occur throughout the area from June through October and provide an even more enjoyable hiking experience! No matter what time of year you choose to hit the trail, make sure you’ve got everything you need gear wise (and otherwise!) so that your journey is as pleasant as possible. With careful consideration of these helpful hints, you’ll find yourself enjoying this beautiful landscape at its most optimal time!

Amenities Along The Way

The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail is a picturesque and challenging journey through the mountains of Western Pennsylvania. Along the way, hikers can find numerous amenities to make their trek more enjoyable and accessible. From rest stops to nearby towns with supplies, there’s something for everyone on this incredible trail!

First, let’s look at some of the outdoor amenities available along the trail:

| Amenities | Description | | ————————————— |—————————————–| | Picnic Areas | Open areas located throughout the trail perfect for picnicking or taking in scenic views | | Rest Stops | Shelters offering protection from rain or sun as well as benches and water sources | | Campgrounds | Primitive camping spots equipped with fire rings & outhouses |

In addition to these outdoor facilities, there are also multiple visitor centers and nearby towns that provide services such as restaurants, lodging options and convenience stores. These towns offer a great opportunity for hikers to take a break from their trek and get some much-needed rest before continuing on. Furthermore, many of them have information about local attractions which could be an interesting diversion for those wanting to explore beyond the hiking trail itself.

Finally, it’s important to note that no matter where you choose to stay during your trip down the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, you will always be surrounded by breathtaking views of nature. Whether its snow capped mountain peaks or rolling meadows filled with wildflowers, each step reveals something new and exciting! As you gaze upon these stunning sights, keep in mind all the wonderful amenities that help make this experience one you’ll never forget.

Scenic Views

The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail offers a scenic journey for hikers. Along the way, there are numerous mountain vistas and overlook sites that provide stunning panoramic scenes. The trail also winds through tree-lined paths with plenty of opportunity to take in the beauty of nature as you hike.

Many sections feature well-marked stops where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views from several vantage points. From these locations, it’s possible to see far into the distance or look down on valleys below. In addition, some spots offer perfect spots to pause and sit while taking in the sights around them.

Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or an extended stay out in nature, this trail is filled with incredible scenery at every turn. With its many scenic stops along the route, adventurers won’t be disappointed by what they find here. There’s something special about being surrounded by mountains, trees, and flowing rivers — all of which can be experienced when hiking this beautiful path!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Camping Allowed On The Trail?

Camping is a popular way to experience the outdoors and explore nature. When considering camping on a trail, it’s important to know what types of activities are allowed or prohibited. The answer to ‘is camping allowed on the trail?’ depends on where you’re hiking, as rules for backpacking, tenting and overnight stays vary from place to place.

When exploring the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, campers can look forward to an abundant amount of places that offer both primitive camping spots and established campgrounds. Backpackers will be delighted with the many miles of trails available that allow them to set up their tents out in nature while experiencing some breathtaking views along the way. Tenting enthusiasts also have plenty of options when it comes to setting up quality campsites throughout this spectacularly scenic region of Pennsylvania:

  • Primitive Campsites: For those looking for a more rustic camping experience, there are several primitive sites located at various points along the trail that provide minimal amenities such as fire pits and picnic tables but no running water or electricity hookups.
  • Developed Campgrounds: There are also a number of developed campgrounds near major roadway access points which feature showers, flush toilets, RV hookup capabilities and other modern conveniences.
  • Overnight Shelters: Lastly, hikers who want an even simpler form of lodging can stay in one of seven shelters provided by the state park system while they traverse through this amazing landscape.

Whether you prefer sleeping under the stars in secluded beauty or nestling into one of these cozy cabins after spending your day traversing across some gorgeous terrain – any type of camper will find something special here in the Laurel Highlands! From steep mountain ridges with incredible views all around to lush forests full of wildlife – every moment spent here is sure to be unforgettable!

Are Dogs Allowed On The Trail?

Are dogs allowed on the trail? With more and more people wanting to bring their furry friends along with them while they explore nature, this is an important question. Dog owners need to know if their beloved pups can come too, or if they have to stay at home! Fortunately, when it comes to the Laurel Highlands hiking trail, there are some regulations in place regarding doggy companionship.

The good news is that yes – dogs are allowed on the trails of the Laurel Highlands. Of course, as with any outdoor activity involving a pet, you should always be sure your pup is up to date on vaccinations and has all necessary medication for ticks or fleas. Additionally, many areas in the Laurel Highlands require dog owners to keep their pets leashed at all times; however, other sections may allow off-leash play depending on local laws and regulations. It’s essential to research what type of behavior is expected from both humans and animals before taking a trip into these beautiful hills – luckily most parks provide detailed information about safety guidelines for hikers and their canine pals alike.

Whether you’re planning a long hike through the laurel highlands or just looking for a short stroll with Fido by your side, make sure you familiarize yourself with local rules and regulations pertaining to pets on the trail. This way you’ll avoid any potential fines or accidents due to improper preparation – plus you’ll get maximum enjoyment out of your experience! All in all, being aware of appropriate conduct will help ensure that everyone (including four-legged friends) gets the most out of exploring this stunning region together.

Are There Any Designated Rest Stops Along The Trail?

Are there any designated rest stops along the trail? This is an important question for anyone who plans to take a hike on any trail, and this especially applies to the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail offers hikers stunning views of Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains but also requires ample stamina and preparation. Knowing where you can take a break can help ensure that your hiking experience is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Fortunately, the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail features several designated rest stops throughout its 70-mile course. These rest stops offer much-needed respite after miles of trekking through rolling hills and lush forest landscape, allowing you access to a variety of amenities such as water sources, benches, bathrooms, maps of the area and more. Additionally, each stop provides invaluable information about nearby attractions like riverside hot spots or historic sites.

These trail stops are conveniently located in communities around the region so that visitors can explore popular local hotspots during their stay while still feeling secure knowing they have easy access back onto the path when it’s time to move on. With these carefully placed trails stops scattered across the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail route, taking a break from your journey has never been easier!

If you’re planning on exploring this beautiful corner of Pennsylvania with a trip down the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail then make sure you familiarize yourself with all available rest stops beforehand – it’ll be worth it in terms of safety and comfortability during your adventure!

Are There Restrooms Or Other Facilities Available On The Trail?

Are there restrooms or other facilities available on the trail? It’s a question any hiker needs to ask before embarking on a journey. Whether it’s for convenience, comfort, or safety, access to these amenities is essential for making sure your hike goes smoothly.

The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail in southwestern Pennsylvania offers many of the comforts and conveniences that hikers look for when planning their next adventure. From designated parking areas and picnic spots to primitive campsites and restroom facilities, this trail provides all the necessary amenities that one could need while out in nature.

Whether you’re just beginning your exploration of the great outdoors or are an experienced trekker looking to explore new terrain, the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail has something for everyone. With over 70 miles of marked trails winding through pristine forests, meadows, and mountain ridges across four counties in western Pennsylvania, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take in stunning views while also enjoying the convenience of having restroom facilities nearby should you need them. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable hiking experience with easy access to basic necessities along the way, then make sure to check out what the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail has to offer!

Are There Any Fees Associated With Hiking The Trail?

Hiking is a popular recreational activity that can be done almost anywhere. From urban parks to mountain trails, there are opportunities everywhere for avid hikers to explore the great outdoors and take in some fresh air. When it comes to hiking fees, though, not all trails are created equal. The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail (LHHT) is no exception; visitors should be aware of any costs associated with their journey before they embark on the trail.

The LHHT spans over 70 miles across Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands region, offering breathtaking views along its path. Though free from entrance or parking fees when accessed at designated points, certain parts of the trail may require an additional fee: camping sites located within state forests often ask for nominal rates upon registration and use of backcountry shelters also requires reservations with corresponding charges. Additionally, access through private land owners may require permits or payments as well.

Though there are fees associated with using specific amenities on the LHHT, many areas remain open for exploration without charge. No permit is necessary for day hikes or bike rides lasting less than one day; however, these activities must abide by regulations set forth by local authorities concerning noise levels and crowding restrictions due to COVID-19 protocols. It’s important to research specifics prior to visiting the LHHT – whether you’re looking for a casual stroll or an overnight adventure into nature’s beauty – so plan accordingly!


The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail offers a great outdoor experience for the adventurous hiker. With its stunning views and challenging terrain, it is no wonder that so many people choose to hike the trail each year.

Camping is permitted along the trail provided you follow all necessary regulations. Dogs are welcome on the trail as long as they stay leashed at all times. Additionally, there are designated rest stops throughout the length of the trail with restrooms and other facilities available when needed. Fortunately, there are no fees associated with hiking this beautiful stretch of land—it truly is an opportunity not to be missed!

So grab your gear and hit the trails; you won’t regret it! The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime…and maybe even some sore muscles too! Don’t let yourself miss out on this spectacular journey–take advantage of this chance while you can; after all, life’s too short not to take risks every now and then!

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