Six Basketball Arcade Games — Ultimate Buying Guide to Buying and Thorough Reviews

You have to admit a lot of things have changed since we were kids. Well most of those changes have been awesome, they’re definitely been some hard times along the road as well. One instance of this is the operation of digital games studies show aren’t exactly healthy for kids as they don’t allow children to release their energy and get the optimal amount of exercise to maintain a healthy body weight.

So doesn’t matter if you just like to play an electronic bass pro basketball game indoors in your basement or you just want your children to get a chance to actually exercise while having fun, fantastic basketball arcade game can be a great compromise between the two. Read on to see what the best basketball arcade game is for you and your family.

Obviously having all the information you need pick the best basketball arcade game is essential, the choosing the right one for you and your family is another matter entirely. That’s where this article can guide you in making the best choice. Here today, we put together end all time buyers guide for the top six basketball arcade games, keeping some of the most important elements at the Forefront of your purchase decision. First off, we took a look at the number of options that each basketball arcade game offers is the more the better when it comes to providing your kids options and keeping their excitement engaged. Furthermore we also took a look at the number of balls that each game actually comes with as this can mean great fun multiplayer family games for you and your family. What’s typing and see what we have.

an indoor basketball arcade game can be the ultimate basketball arcade game if it has a digital scoreboard and accurate scoring system

With all that covered call Mama we just want to emphasize that we actually put a lot of effort into this post and took the time to research each game thoroughly. We tried to make this The Ultimate Guide to help you make the best possible choice. So not only have we actually reviewed each product in and of itself, but we’ve also took a look at the reviews and what people said about each product give you the most comprehensive information and help you in making your decision. We put together product comparison table, purchasing guide portion, and answers to some of the frequently asked questions when people consider buying a basketball arcade game.

If You’re the type of person who likes to spend time  Outdoors oh, you can always consider the great selection of portable basketball hoops.

Quick Snapshot

Best choice: Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot

This product is everything you could possibly want; 10 game options, 7 basketballs, 6 audio features, end tough steel construction.

Best dual shock game: Lifetime Double Shot Deluxe basketball arcade game

This game comes equipped with an actual electronic scoreboard system featuring dual-display; comes with 4 balls end gives you 8 game options. 

Best game options: E-jet basketball arcade game

 an amazing arcade game made with strong Fabric and durable steel tubes that allow you to play up to 16 different basketball games.

Best electronic basketball arcade game: Giantex foldable basketball arcade

This one features eight game options that allow for multiplayer and can be selected by a setting on the controller in your hands.

Budget pick: Nova Microdermabrasion Basketball arcade game

Even though what is the least expensive option in this summary, this product has everything you could possibly want in a basketball arcade game including eight different game options for basketballs in an LED scoring board. 

Best single shot game: Pop-A-Shot Home Single Shot

This is a great product if you’re just looking for single player mode end can run on battery power or AC adapters.

indoor basketball arcade games help with exercise for children so researching the best best indoor basketball game is essential

1.Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot – Writers Pick


Construction: 1.5-inch steel, powder-coated tubes; nylon ramp

Game options: 10

Balls included: 7

Dimensions: 45 x 88 x 94 inches

More features: adjustable height; LED scoring systemж 6 audio effects

Check price

If you want the absolute ultimate version of a basketball arcade game and the best possible option for your money which will bring you and your family the amazing time, then you have to consider the pop-a-shot home dual shot. some of the features include 10 basketball games with 6 audio options to make sure that you’re playing for hours and hours on end without getting bored of the same types of games. Furthermore, this is the best game for anyone looking for family fun over the weekend and enjoying time together move still being engaged. 

The game’s actual structure is highly durable and it has a 1.5 in steel tube Construction. The best part about these tubes are. They are coated in powder to make sure that they don’t rust or chip over time. Taking it one step further the 6 nylon ramp actually increases the longevity of the game and ensures but it doesn’t get broken or busted very easily when engaging with the regular arcade version of the game. When it comes to actual accuracy, this game is second to none. It actually has built-in infrared sensors, so this game can boast a 100% accuracy guarantee as opposed to most other basketball arcade games.

The awesome part about this is that you can actually get better as a basketball shooter, and the odds of you being 99.9% accurate when trying to end to the basket increase dramatically with this awesome feature and who knows, it may even pay off if you want to be the next Magic Johnson or Larry Bird as a professional NBA basketball player. Top it all off this game has multiple options for settings, which allow you to adjust the height to fit individual needs. Now every game has its negatives, to be truthful it was hard to find any with this particular game. I think the only complaint I had when it comes to this game, is that regardless of skill level, game installation is likely to be a little bit of a pain in the butt.

What we love about this game?

10 individual basketball 

Strong steel construction

Built-in sensors for increase accuracy

Extremely accurate versus other basketball arcade games

Individualized adjustment options i.e. height

What do we not love about this game?

Product installation can take some time regardless of how good you are shooting Hoops

dual electronic basketball game are arcade basketball games with dual design and considered a premium basketball arcade game

2.Lifetime Double Shot Deluxe Basketball Arcade Game – Best Dual Shot Game


Construction: powder-coated steel

Game options: 8

Balls included: 4

Dimensions: 80 x 42 x 81 inches

More features: electronic scoreboard with dual display

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With a reputation for producing products cut make the perfect combination affordable and high-quality, lifetime came out with a double shot Deluxe indoor basketball hoop arcade game and further added to that resume as an amazing company. This game is great if you’re playing by yourself or with a friend and comes with infrared scoring sensor features which allows you to track when you’ve actually scored a goal. Some of the other amazing features in this product are audio effects like electronic buzzers that give that awesome arcade atmosphere we all know and love from our childhood, especially if you get a chance to play this game with your kids. The game itself easily folds up for safe and convenient storage which is an amazing space saving feature especially for those with smaller homes. This also extends to the height adjustment feature which goes from 82 in all the way up to 90 in so no matter the height of your kid, you can always have fun. When you buy the product, everything you need to start playing is included and that means you get a ball pump, a needle, and for basketballs. The optical sensors that track scoring accuracy is built in so if quick and accurate measurement is important to you, this is the definitely one of the best products out there. The construction is sturdy and tough is it’s made with nylon canvas and a side netting that is high in quality. You can use this game by powering it with either 4 double a batteries or just plug into an AC outlet. One of the caveat is that it may not necessarily be the best option for taller people is it is a bit too low for that.

What do we love about this game?

Tough high quality construction

Accurate scoring measurement

Awesome arcade aura

Comes with literally everything you would need to get started right away

Affordable pricing match with high-quality

What do we not love about this game?

Not suited for people on the shorter side in terms of height.

a home basketball arcade game

3.E-Jet Basketball Arcade Game – Best Game Options


Construction: strong steel tubing, thick ramp with 600D fabric, 12-inch rims

Game options: 16

Balls included: not specified

Dimensions: 81.5 x 45.7 x 79.9 inches

More features: 10-minute assembly, foldable and movable

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arcade basketball game and specifically a dual shot basketball game are example of indoor basketball games

Coming out of the tunnel and onto the floor next, is E-Jet Basketball Arcade Game – This is an awesome option if you’re looking to have a weekend get-together with your family or friends. Before we get into the actual play time though, assembling this product and actually setting it up is amazingly easy and convenient. The only thing you have to do is work with a few screws in the right spots, you should literally have this arcade game up and ready to play in just under 10 minutes.

Furthermore this is a real space saver as you can actually Fold It Up into a compatible format and stored away for later.

The games construction actually includes steel tubing, a huge backboard, and 600 D fabric that comprises the ramp.  I wouldn’t worry about durability despite the construction  using fabric oh, it actually holds together really well.

One more green feature is the included high quality 12 inch rims oh, and you actually get two of them when you buy this product. On top of that you can play all the 16 in 1 game modes trivela below with the game. the bright LED scoreboard between the two rooms that come with the product helps you keep score on who is winning and scoring the most goals. A little bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone.

If you’re ready to get started right away, you get 4 basketballs that are 7 in in diameter the start playing as soon as you open the box essentially.

What are we love about this game?

Fast and efficient assembly

Easy foldable storage

Double rooms that are high quality in construction

Staggering 16 game options

Berry successories that don’t need to be purchased separately

What did we not love about this game?

The backward isn’t exactly the strongest one that you’ll find in terms of the products on the market.

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one of the best best indoor basketball games can be an electronic basketball game

4.Giantex Foldable Basketball Arcade – Best Electronic Basketball Arcade Game


Construction: Powder-coated iron frame and rims

Game options: 8

Balls included: 4

Dimensions: 39.37 x 39.37 x 19.69 inches

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The  Giantex Foldable Basketball Arcade Game Is the ultimate durable holistic option with its frame that folds up for Easy Storage. This game gives the most satisfaction possible for anyone and comes with easy fun gameplay to go along with asparagus basketballs, locking nuts, and decent quality MDF backboard.

Giantex  has affordability oats for front but doesn’t compromise on the high quality construction essential to these games. The steel structure is coated with a powder so that you know it’s reliable and will stay in the game for the long run. On top of that, the actual experience of playing the basketball arcade game is easy, smooth, end comes with super accurate scores courtesy of the built-in infrared sensors. This overall experience is further extended with the inclusion of various accessories at see the likes of high quality premium basketballs, and a whole host of others. He’s really enhance the overall gameplay experience for you and your family. The digital display in Stereo on both sides helps you see who’s ahead in the score on the complementary double electronic hoops also make your kid game overall just more enjoyable and fancy free.

In summary,  Giantex Foldable Basketball Arcade Game  includes an air pump for basketballs, Stadium or a complete with buzzers and audio effects to complete your gaming enjoyment, high quality construction, new places the competitive experience

What did we love about this game?

Accurate scoring with built-in infrared sensors

4 Premium basketballs complete with an air pump

Easy foldable storage design

High quality durable backboard

Powder covered iron tubing durable construction

What did we not love about this game?

It’s a bit on the tricky side to put together and assemble this particular product.

The sound defects can honestly be  a little bit too much on the loud side.

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dual shot games, infrared scoring sensors, multi player games, and arcade sounds are essential features of the local arcade

5.Nova Microdermabrasion Basketball Arcade Game – Budget Pick


Construction: 0.86-inch steel powder coated tubes; 12-inch steel rims; 0.38-inch thick MDF backboard; nylon ramp

Game options: 8

Balls included: 4

Dimensions: 43 x 80 x 94 inches

More features: electronic LED scoring board

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basketball at the arcade are considered to be the best arcade games among other games for endless fun

Nova Microdermabrasion Foldable Indoor Basketball Arcade Game Make sure that having the best basketball arcade game isn’t for the affluent with Deep Pockets. Everyone can have fun with this game. Despite being easy on the budget, it is vastly underrated often because of its low pricing.

It comes with four basketballs for your convenience and offers eight different basketball game options, with all this it’s easy to see why we included this in our guide. On top of that it also includes an electronic LED scoring board what makes the product one notch Above the Rest in the same pricing bracket.

Beyond all of that the built-in infrared sensor electronic LED scoring board system boasts a 99% accuracy rating is actually a unique system to the product. This make sure that everyone knows exactly where the scores are at. Additionally, real arcade sound effects come included and make you feel like you’re actually inside the stadium, which makes it even more impressive considering the game is much lower in terms of cost relative to some of the other models we took a look at here today. In terms of construction, the product has steel rims coated in powder with 2 in in diameter and hopes to produce the rust after years of use for guaranteed peace of mind. For additional durable Construction, the backward and nylon ramp seemed really sturdy and well-constructed. You can also fold this arcade game up for later use and save space as well as travel giving it fits in most cars and trucks. Heck, if you’re heading to a party you could actually even carry this in the bag as it’s very versatile and portable. 

What is the song says you can’t have a little sunshine without a little rain. There are some negatives to this model. First things first, the actual basketball net tends to rip rather easily and can often get stuck on the arm where the sensor is located which is possibly a sign But this product isn’t exactly the most high-quality. On top of that, the less than clear installation guide doesn’t exactly make getting started up and ready to go with this game a quick Journey.

What did we love about this game?

Very sturdy overall construct

Foldable and portable design

Go 1 cost so everyone can enjoy the game

Electronic LED scoring board is really well-made in a nice feature

Realistic Stadium sound effects that you might find in a big Arcade

What did we not love about this game?

On clear installation guide

Low quality basketball net that seems to rip brother easily

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powder coated steel frame and a ball ramp are what you want in most games

6.Pop-A-Shot Home Single Shot – Best Single Shot Game


Construction: 1.5-inch steel, powder-coated tubes; nylon ramp

Game options: 6

Balls included: 4

Dimensions: 30 x 88 x 82 inches

More features: audio jack; can be powered by a battery or AC adapters

Check price 

The .Pop-A-Shot Home Single Shot Carries with it a great reputation from the company Papa shot is an amazing manufacturer and true legend in the arena up basketball arcade games. This particular product comes complete with 6 different basketball game options which means that you won’t get bored after a single game of Hoops. Its construction is built with 1.5 in steel tubing that is coated in powder and showcases its long lasting engineering plan to ensure you and your family don’t have to buy again after just a few years of use. The dribble Construction also makes it a great fit for kids who tend to be on the rough side when playing with toys in general. On top of that, the games extreme accuracy is due to its infrared sensor system that is built in to the actual product and can increase the game excitement by making sure everyone keeps score who is making those hoops. The product uses either batteries or AC. Adapter power plug so using it in any location is easy and fun. Furthermore, the part actually comes with built-in wheels for Easy Transport on the negative side we have to admit this game was a bit pricier than the average model it may come down to the actual actual manufacturers reputation for building high quality products.

When it comes to assembling this product, it’s an easy and a breeze to do so. Compliment the 6 different basketball game options, the game is included with 4 basketballs which pretty much means that you can spend hours and hours playing the games you love. And when it comes to having fun, the included audio jack actually allows you to play music while you’re playing the game with your family and friends. The only caveat seems to be that the unit does not stay together very well when it’s not being used which might make storing the unit or transporting it to a party a little bit difficult.

What did we love about this game?

 Sturdy quality construct

Can use either batteries or AC plug to power the unit

Scoring system uses built-in infrared sensor construct incomes built in

Can listen to music with the built-in audio jack

What did we not love about this game?

Doesn’t hold together very well when not in use

A little bit on the expensive side when compared to competitor models

Check price

electronic scoreboard is important for indoor play

What should you consider when buying your basketball arcade game?

When you’re considering a purchase the basketball arcade game, you have to do more than just read the reviews on Amazon. The  honest truth is There are lots of essential little details which is why we put together the ultimate guide to making the best choice possible. This guide has all the info you’ll need is you shop for the right model and make sure that when you finally do make your purchase you have the absolute best basketball arcade game for you and your family’s needs.

Who should consider buying a basketball arcade game?

The great thing about these games is that there is no shortage of options and there’s always one that will fit your needs. So for some families single player mode will fit them better I, on the other hand a multiplayer option might be best for large households that have many kids who all want to play at the same time. At the end of the day personalizing your experience and Tailoring your product to your needs is the most important thing. Plus on the positive side, as we mentioned before in terms of the importance of optimal healthy activity and exercise for kids, basketball arcade game can give your children a quick and efficient workout while having fun and never needing to leave the house.

the best basketball arcade games are an arcade basketball game like an electronic basketball game

On top of all that, you have to consider that these basketball arcade games or a heck of a lot cheaper the many of the other arcade games built for in-home use. On the average day it’s not going to cost you more than three hundred bucks no matter which model you select which tends to be a lot lower than some of the other in-home arcade options like a pool table or an air hockey table. Some of those products can cost you as much as $1,000 and definitely doesn’t include the same amount of optimal healthy exercise for you and your kids. So, anyone looking for a budget-friendly arcade game should definitely consider all the great features and options that are basketball arcade game offers anyone in their home.

What Are some of the features to consider when you’re selecting your product?

If you don’t want to end up being a victim to shiny object syndrome in purchasing a game that you only use once, they’re definitely some factors to consider when you’re deciding on which model to purchase. Obviously, this isn’t an extensive all inclusive list but some of the most important factors to think about are the following;

Durable and stable overall physical construct

 because of the dynamic and interactive nature a basketball arcade games, they usually get roughed up a little bit more And some of the other arcade game options we talked about. So if you have particularly active kids who like to engage with their games on the Rough Side, you might want to consider a model that includes high quality premium construct materials such as a nice thick backboard end steel that’s coated in powder designed for long-term use.

It Can be easy and tempting to choose some of the less expensive models but if they include plastic Construction you’ll have to consider how long the model actually will last and the actual amount of money that it will save you in the long run if it’s not as durable as you needed to be given the engagement it will experience from those playing the game. 

an arcade basketball game has fun for everyone which is why pop a shot is considered one of the best basketball arcade games

Number of basketball hoops or baskets

All most of these basketball arcade arcade game models come with more than one basket oh, that isn’t true of all and some include only one While others may include more than the standard dual model such as three or even up to 4 baskets. Game models with only one basket are fine for practice mode but the more baskets your model includes the more fun you can have with family and friends given the multiplayer option or feature but such number of baskets of forts. At the end of the day, this really depends on how you plan to play the arcade game end the number of players that are going to be included but please do consider game-mode that includes healthy competition is it will be a lot more fun at the end of the day.

How many basketballs come with the model?

Number of basketballs included with your game model tends to have a huge impact on the amount of fun but you’ll get from playing the game, and it comes from a variety of angles such as having fun multiplayer games with your family and friends as well as having more balls to play with quickfire rapid shooting games.

With all that said, some of the models come with only two basketballs or for basketballs. Not consider if one of the balls actually runs flat, and if there’s no pump available at the time, this can obviously be huge party pooper. if you just want to not worry about it and have that piece of mind while playing the game, look for models that come with above 4 balls such as the Opera shot home dual shot that includes six to seven basketballs with your purchase.

Foldable and portable space-saving design

Even though most of the basketball arcade games we took a look at here today usually include foldable storage designs oh, there are some models that don’t have this feature. Plus it’s not one-size-fits-all as each model and each product comes with a different overall size. Before buying a basketball arcade game, figure out the amount of space that you’ll actually need to play the game and not worry about spacing your house. Also keep in mind that you have to think about the level of sufficient space for you and any other players to actually engage with the game and still have fun.

Additional features

Aside from the features that we have mentioned, may also want to consider some additional specifications Such as the sound effects, accuracy of the scoring system, and whether it works with your smartphone or not. I find that using models which come with Stadium like noises really enhance the overall claiming experience with real life-like audio effects.

When It comes to the actual scoring systems, you want to make sure that you choose a digital model is the usually ensure more accurate Analytics. A perfect examplar of this system would be the Lifetime Double Shot Deluxe indoor basketball hoop arcade game. If you’re looking to sync up with your smartphone then you might want to choose something like the Sportcraft double hoop shot which provides excellent can compatibility features.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy a model that includes dual shot, can I still play by myself as well?

Yes absolutely, you can still play on your own with the dual shot arcade model if you don’t have someone to play with at the time.

Is The electronic scoring system actually accurate when measuring scores?

The models that have electronic scoring system enabled boast a 99% accuracy so you can have peace of mind when making sure that all shots are accounted for while playing the game.

Can I use an actual traditional basketball?

This typically isn’t a good idea with any of the basketball arcade games that we reviewed or the actual product genre itself in general is it’s not really suited for that. Typically these models are designed to use slightly smaller versions of a traditional basketball are included with your purchase so you don’t have to buy them separately.

Personal note and Final thoughts

Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot is typically considered the most reputable name in the industry when it comes to all the companies that make basketball arcade games so it’s not hard to see why we selected this as the number one pick. In addition to offering the greatest number of actual game options relative to its competitors, it also boasts the greatest number of basketballs included which speaks highly of the manufacturer ensuring its versatile nature. It comes with 6 audio options so you’ll never get bored while playing this game and overall it’s just easy to see that it is the absolute best basketball arcade game in the field today.

Coming in close at second and third relatively are the Lifetime Double Shot Deluxe indoor basketball hoop arcade game when it’s sturdy construct end built-in Optical sensors as well as the E-jet basketball arcade game featuring the greatest number of actual game options when it comes to our particular list.

All in all if you’re looking for safe and healthy family fun or just want to enjoy a weekend a basketball hoops with your friends indoors choosing the best basketball arcade game is made all the more easy when you take our guide with you on your Shoppers Journey. Hopefully this helps you make the best decision and we’ll see you on the court! 

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